What we stand for

'Good enough' never changed a damn thing


Who we are

Passionate, ambitious digital pioneers.

We have a long history and proud heritage of working in digital marketing, technology and media from the early days when digital really began to transform the business world.

A business is only ever as good as the people working within it. We celebrate everyone who has contributed to the Luxus story - past, present and future. We are proud of the people who have made our journey what it's been, and those who continue to make us who we are.

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Our story

Pioneering digital before it was cool

We started out in 2001 when brands and traditional advertising agencies were struggling with how to leverage new innovations in digital technology and media. We built our reputation by helping customers successfully navigate the rise of digital technology, and it wasn't long before digital expertise, beautiful design, operational excellence, and technical knowledge became our trademarks.

Today, our pioneering spirit is still alive and well as technology continues to transform business and marketing. Our humble goal is to demystify new technology, implement change, and deliver results for our customers.

"We've always been committed to building a multicultural, fun and energetic agency to work for and with."

Our values

Our methods might evolve as we grow, but our founding values always remain the same.

Put your heart into what you do and become a better company every day. It might sound like a cliché, but this simple principle truly defines our attitude to work. We're always progressing as an agency, growing as individuals and exploring new ways to help our customers. The world of digital marketing is crowded and complex, so we keep our core values simple and true.


We invest in our people, creating a positive, open working environment defined by a commitment to personal wellbeing and pride in everything we do. Motivation is our magic ingredient, turning work into fun and good into great.


We only succeed when our clients succeed, so we invest in long-term client relationships built on trust, collaboration and results. Producing excellent work is not only rewarding, it's the surest guarantee of our future.


The world is transforming, and success comes to those with confidence to embrace change. We’re constantly sharpening our skills, expanding our technical knowledge and broadening our capabilities. We make our own luck for ourselves and our customers.


In a time of ever-growing complexity, we believe the old-fashioned values of honesty, fairness and straightforwardness are more important than ever. Facing things as they are isn’t always easy, but it’s always best.