3 + 1 digital publishing tools you'll want to try

Bryan Dollery

by Bryan Dollery

Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just looking to get started, these four digital publishing tools demonstrate some great possibilities.

As the way in which we consume content evolves, so must the content itself. Today, there is a pressure on companies, organizations, and even hobbyist bloggers to create content that is novel, attractive, and fit for a number of platforms. As tools emerge to tackle these challenges, more people are empowered to do more with their content – ironically, this puts even more pressure on content creators to stand out from the others. The good news is that there is no shortage of tools to help you get going. While the nature, topic and quality of the content is up to you as the creator, these tools are sure to help shape and structure your material into something professional and appealing.


Loaded with features, ReadyMag projects are highly customizable and allow you to create presentations, magazines and websites. With price plans that suit hobbyists and professionals, this is definitely worth a try.

Ideal for: SMEs; companies are likely to get the most out of this if they use ReadyMag as both their website and presentation solution, so its potentially a big time and money saver.

Not ideal for: individuals or small companies looking to monetize their publications.


TypeEngine is more specifically for creating magazines to publish for mobile. Like ReadyMag, TypeEngine is full of features and allows for plenty of customizing. Your content can be published on both Android’s Play store and Apple’s App store where you can sell your publications. Plus, you only start paying when you’re ready to publish and start selling, which means you can get started for nothing.

Ideal for: SMEs and individuals who are serious about publishing for mobile.

Not ideal for: hobbyists and home bloggers who want to share their content for little or no profit.


Lightweight and with affordable price plans, Atavist is ideal for independent bloggers and content creators on a budget. While not as customizable as its more professional counterparts, Atavist still offers its users plenty of control through a simple, minimalist interface.

Ideal for: hobbyists, people with a one-time need, or even if you’re just curious and want to play around, Atavist does the job. With an affordable Pro price plan, you can sell your publications from $0.99 per piece.

Not ideal for: SMEs. Businesses might want to invest in another publication tool, particularly if they’re looking to to make money from the publications. The “sell by subscription” feature is only available in the most expensive price plan.


Packagr looks like it will suit bigger businesses, but since the service is currently in closed beta, we can't review it until we've received the demo we've requested - we'll let you know more when we've had a chance to use it first hand. An appealing feature for businesses is that Packagr can integrate with your existing CMS. While there are no further details regarding which CMSs are supported, we can hope to find more information as the service develops.

(Possibly) Ideal for: medium or large businesses with an existing CMS in place.

(Probably) Not ideal for: hobbyists and small businesses.

No matter what kind of content creator you are, or are looking to become, give these tools a try. If nothing else, you’ll be inspired when you see how your content could look.