3 ways to improve your brand governance with Luxus Drafthorse

Peter Cura

by Peter Cura

Drafthorse gives you full brand governance across all your markets, organisations, and assets. Discover how to keep your marketing material on-brand, all around the world.

Imagine that your brand team has just finished updating your corporate brand guidelines. Everyone has been trained and the first material goes live. Logos are aligned to the pixel and the photos are exactly on spec. Everything is absolutely perfect. Apart from that one agency who decided to highlight your special offer in oversized red Comic Sans.


Brand new brand control

Now we can offer you a solution to this problem: Luxus Drafthorse. Drafthorse gives you control of your brand and your marketing assets, and how people use them. It gives you full brand governance across all your markets, all your organisations, and all your assets. With Drafthorse, you can be sure that your brand over there will look, feel, and sound exactly the same as your brand over here.


1. Centralized templates

Drafthorse uses brand-approved templates as the starting point for every asset. Every template, colour, image, logo, headline, translation and more are approved before they’re uploaded to Drafthorse, so you can be sure that every element is according to your corporate brand guidelines. This means that everyone, in every location, works with the same on-brand material.


2. Parameter locking

With Drafthorse, you can control whether each individual parameter of each asset is editable or not. Almost every parameter in each asset can be controlled. For example, you can lock the background colour, logo and heading to prevent changes, but still allow people to select their preferred product image and edit the product details to match. Or you could lock everything but the price. With Drafthorse, your brand is under your control.


3. User access control

You can also control the access and editing rights to Drafthorse and decide who is allowed to do the editing. You can set these rights on multiple levels, from the organisational level down to individual people. For example, your marketing department might need full rights to approve and upload templates and assets, while other people might only need permission to edit specific things like the product and price. For total control, you can also choose to offer some organisations download-only access. And you can even set which language versions people are allowed to use, depending on their region.


Try Drafthorse

Now imagine that your branded material is always as you want it. Always according to the guidelines. Always on message. All around the world. Sounds good, doesn’t it? And with Drafthorse, you can really do this. You’ll also be pleased to know that Drafthorse lets you define the fonts people are allowed to use exactly according to your brand guidelines. That’s right, you can prevent anyone from ever using Comic Sans on your marketing material again. Get in touch to try Drafthorse for real.