5 times (out of thousands) social media won

Luxus Worldwide

by Luxus Worldwide

Don't promote on social media? Here are five reasons why you should. 

Digital has been wriggling its way into the norm for the last few years, and even with marketing budgets leaning more and more toward digital, we’ve found few areas are as polarizing as social media. Aside from the “I don’t use it, so who does” mentality of top management, excuses to overlook social channels are everywhere. Facebook is barely a free tool anymore, Twitter requires constant focus, and Instagram won’t even let you link out! Not to mention the recent PR disasters that have us all shaking in our boots.

Before we go any further in convincing you, these are the facts we need to accept about social media:

  1. It's not free.
  2. It requires resources.
  3. It's restrictive.
  4. It can go so wrong.
  5. Knowing this, do we really want to put resources and marketing budgets into something so shaky? Yes. Yes we do.

Social media isn’t easy. Neither is making an intuitive website, engaging campaign or cut-through TVC. To help show you its value, we’ve put down five of the thousand everyday moments that prove a strong social media presence is vital to your business.


1. Someone's singing your praises

You put a lot of time into your stores, staff… all your engagement points. You do this to provide a standout experience, so your customers are fully satisfied, repeat their purchases and become advocates for your brand. Where do you think that advocacy is voiced best? 

When users mention you in a post, they’re giving your brand their personal seal of approval, and showing their friends / admirers / that nice man down the road a direct path to connect. Social media is a touch point. You wouldn’t leave your shop front a shambles, so make sure your page gives the impression you want.


2. Someone's throwing shade

Social media isn’t just a big sea of advocates. People will complain, people will enquire, people will be unsure.

Unlike the real world, however, social media gives you the opportunity to identify the issue and take immediate action. By monitoring pages, mentions and keywords, you can diffuse bombs, counter criticism, identify real issues or tip the consideration scales in your favor. These wins happen. We see them every week - but they will never happen without diligence.


3. You have a blog... at all 

Got a blog? Super! Great content? 10 points for you! You’d probably like someone to see that, huh?

In the real world, it would be a stretch to think people are coming back to your blog daily, and if you’re relying on a feed, you’re preaching to the converted. Social provides a direct link to the audiences that you have built, and to relevant audiences for your niche. This lets you get your valuable content into the hands of those who need it.

Need proof? We’re going to share this blog post at least 8 times across our Social and email networks to ensure all our audiences get to share in its fairly obvious knowledge. (3 TW, 2 FB, 1 IG, 1 LI & 1 EDM if you must know)


4. Your brand needs to own a niche

If your brand sells an image, you need to make sure that you embody this image completely and publicly for consumers. 

Owning a social niche is twofold. Firstly, you need to infiltrate your audience. Find what makes them tick, follow who they follow, and start to engage and curate. You can come a long way to defining your brand identity with reposts and commentary alone. Secondly, once you’ve infiltrated your niche, give back to it with high-quality content. Great content doesn’t come free, but if you create it, you’ll see a response from the community you’re engaging with, and with work, define a social voice that commands attention and leadership among your niche.

A niche approach should never be pushy. Though sales will be driven directly, focus more on inspiring than pushing, and let an ongoing relationship with your customers make you the clear choice when it’s time to act.


5. You want to demand attention

Social advertising gives you some astonishing insights. So astonishing, in fact, that it’s uncomfortable at times.

Thanks to interest and behavioral demographics, marketers now have the opportunity to identify personal traits that have only previously been accessible in conversations, en masse. But this capability is only as powerful as you make it. Rather than targeting to vanilla demographics, use your unprecedented knowledge to deliver cut-through messages that demand attention.  

… Just make sure you can hold it afterwards!


These are just five benefits - from thousands, both major and minor - that a rounded social presence can bring your business. Think about it. You use social media yourself. In fact you've probably read three or four articles today, including this one!

Social media isn’t the new wave, but unlike other mass communication channels, small difficulties often lead to neglected presences. Whatever your strategy, platform or audience, social media should play a vital role in your communications strategy. Don’t let naysayers stunt your growth.

P.S. - Yes, I’m aware that you’re also concerned about ROI. Social ROI measures are both possible and vital for your social media plan, but a much bigger topic than this blog post can cover. Feel free to drop us an email if you feel ready to jump down that particular rabbit hole.