5 ways Luxus Drafthorse drives production value for enterprise businesses

Peter Cura

by Peter Cura

In the global market, many brands exist across markets, borders and cultures. It is only natural that enterprise businesses strive for brand coherence to optimize their value. To achieve coherence, most companies create extensive brand guidelines. At Luxus, we work with many enterprise level businesses and are very used to studying and complying with extremely specific brand guidelines. These are often tedious and complicated and can easily inhibit creativity and initiative. In a global organization the same rules apply, and therefore it is understandable that many local stakeholders in multinational companies would rather outsource their marketing efforts to agencies. At Luxus, we see things differently, and with Drafthorse we deliver a tool that encourages global businesses to harness their creativity, expertise and local knowledge from within. Here are five ways in which Luxus Drafthorse drives production value for enterprise businesses:


1. Drafthorse ensures scalability while maintaining brand coherence

Luxus believes that organizations should strive to make local markets and individuals take responsibility for their own marketing efforts, to spark initiative and drive production. Local markets are usually subjected to strict budgets and demands for transparency that further incentivize local markets to outsource their efforts. However, with Drafthorse, brand coherence is built in and your business can scale every core creative to any market at any time. All you need to do is add a user and choose the material and templates they are allowed to work with.


2. Personal engagement with the brand drives digital production value

With Luxus Drafthorse, local markets of enterprise level businesses can now interact with the brand and assets as much as they please. Our template based approach drives down the costs of asset production and delivers a centralized portal through which all stakeholders and even third parties can interact with the brand. Drafthorse is both an asset creation portal, as well as an asset management portal, where all essential brand material can be accessed through your web browser. The people who know your brand best are your employees, and allowing them to freely engage with pre-approved assets will inspire them and strengthen the value of the digital assets they create. Furthermore, it is also possible for Drafthorse users to create branded assets for everyday use, such as internal and external email communication by templating emails or personalized branded email signatures.


3. You pay for each template only once

Until now the balance between following strict brand guidelines, staying on budget, and allowing personal engagement and creativity across multiple markets has been almost impossible to manage. And the ever increasing complexity of digital marketing makes it difficult keep the costs of asset production down while maintaining high quality. However, with Drafthorse you pay for each template only once and then your employees can modify it as many times as they want. This template based approach provides transparency in cost structure and eliminates the worry of asset creation and testing budgets.  


4. Local implementation delivers the best results

By delivering a template based solution that by default follows the brand guidelines we leave the user free to interact with and explore the possibilities that the core creative offers. Another benefit is the reduction of translation costs, because the local markets can freely translate and easily incorporate their own copy into the assets. No one knows the correct terminology better than your local stakeholders who interact with their clients and consumers every day. Drafthorse lets you harness their expertise to cut costs and lead-time.


5. The template based approach makes testing/optimization easy, cheap and fast

The template based approach lets markets create several versions of the same assets, which can effectively be utilized for A/B testing. In this way you can easily establish the best practices and best performing elements for each location. Furthermore, you can run your ideas by your colleagues, by simply sending them a link to your newly created assets. This lets you invest in superior core creative rather than spending cash on creating multiple sizes of the same digital asset.


Let us help you unleash your brand potential!

In summary, these factors drive the value of asset production across organizations, while cutting the costs of general asset creation. And each asset will be inherently worth more because it has been created by the people who know most about your brand – your local employees.

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