A new face at Luxus — Sonny’s First Week

Sonny Evans

by Sonny Evans

It’s exactly a month since I started as an intern at Luxus London and what an amazing start it has been! Each week presented different challenges and new lessons learned. My first week already seems like a lifetime ago but here’s how it went…



Sonny Evans

It was the night before my first day. Sunday 6th June. 23 degrees outside. 26 in my bedroom – soon-to-be home office. Imposter Syndrome had already kicked in and nervous thoughts danced around my head.


Monday 7th June was officially day 1 at Luxus. My first ‘job job’, as my dad had said.

I stepped off the District Line into a glorious summer day in Chiswick, admiring the array of independent coffee shops and appetizing lunch options.


I sat in the spacious lobby eagerly awaiting my first ‘IRL’ introduction to my new colleagues. A firm handshake with Lee and I was completely disarmed by his casual and chatty demeanour. I felt comfortable and at home already.


The office was spacious and thankfully well ventilated compared to my sweltering bedroom.

Before I knew it, a powerful MacBook Pro and high-res monitor were in my possession. Christmas had come early!


I excitedly logged on to my new machine and began to log into software and accounts that I would be using daily. I had a few Teams calls where I was introduced to several other welcoming colleagues and Luxus' main accounts. 


AWS, Dell, IoT, Aviatrix, Valueframe… I was inundated with a new language of tech companies, acronyms, and software I had only heard in passing beforehand — but was quickly reassured that it would all sink in.


The next step was to get my WFH office up and running. I cleared my dusty old desktop screen to make way for my crisp new 4K monitor. The resolution was far superior and so it was like seeing the world through a fresh pair of eyes. I sat back in my chair and smiled to myself as I refamiliarized myself with the main accounts. I couldn’t wait to start day 2…


Tuesday was my first full day working remotely. A brief look at my schedule told me I had a busy day of introductions and onboarding tasks to get stuck into. The daily stand-up kicked off at 9:15 and I met more amiable faces, whom I would eventually get the pleasure of meeting in the office.


‘What a lovely bunch’ I thought to myself as I jumped between meetings. I was even allocated my own copywriting buddy, Ellis, who had started at Luxus 5 weeks before the national lockdown last year.


Wednesday began with more smiles and hellos on the daily stand-up before getting straight down to some meetings on Dell and AWS workstream introductions. My first copywriting exercise was to create my own (fictional) soap company to develop the tone of my writing.


It’s fair to say I might have got a bit carried away and managed to become a vegan soap afficionado with my own company, Ethika Soap. I had been given ‘The Copy Book’ as some extra-curricular reading on the history of copywriting which really inspired me to cut my teeth and grow as a copywriter at Luxus.


On Thursday I was relieved to find that I would be back in the office; a sudden heatwave had turned my home office into an inferno. During the commute, I flicked through The Copy Book and read some of David Abbot’s commandments: Rule Number 5 ‘Don’t be boring’ was stuck in my head.


That shouldn’t be a problem if I’m able to enjoy writing about soap I thought to myself…


In the office, I had my first sit-down meeting with Jonathan and Lee where we had an introduction to the creative work at Luxus. I was seriously impressed by some of the work Luxus had done for Dell and the Bundesliga and was very enthusiastic about being part of similar future projects ahead.


After lunch, I finally met my copy buddy Ellis in person. He gave me some quick tips and hacks for copywriting for AWS and Dell and reminisced about his first few weeks at Luxus as well — reassuring me that it takes time to get to grips with it all.


Somehow, it’s Friday and I’ve completed my first week as a Copywriting Intern at Luxus! On Friday’s it’s a tradition to have a quiz after the morning stand-up. This week’s quizmaster was on holiday, so I stepped up to host a confectionery-themed quiz which I’d done with my flatmates during lockdown last year.


Apparently, the Luxus Team are a cut above the rest when it comes to quizzes. They breezed through my 15-minute quiz in about 5 without any mistakes. I guess I’ll have to get my act together for the next quiz…


I couldn’t have asked for a better first week working at Luxus. I was learning and growing every day with different challenges and tasks being pushed my way. I am very thankful for the efforts the team put in to make me feel welcome and at home in my new role!