Adobe Summit 2015 EMEA

Luxus Helsinki

by Luxus Helsinki

Luxus Worldwide recently participated in Adobe Summit 2015 in Salt Lake City and in London. In Salt Lake City we had the privilege of being one of the six Partner Innovation Showcase finalists and we presented our leading asset creation and management tool, Drafthorse. In London, we were also delighted to hear great feedback from visitors about our successful Salt Lake City showcase!


The big three themes for the year 2015 (and beyond) from the Summit are clear: mobile first, IOT and a deep understanding of your customers. What does this mean?


Mobile first

Throughout the event it was stressed that nowadays 50% of all website visitors come from mobile devices. “Mobile first” should be clear to everyone, but is it? Even though they are mobile friendly most websites are primarily designed from the desktop perspective. The design and need evaluation process should start from the mobile visitor’s view, with other devices following.

While religiously watching the Adobe Summit show, every visitor was Tweeting, Facebooking and/or interacting with the Summit app making the experience more relevant to themselves and to the provider. This is what consumers do, making the second screen more important than ever. There are big opportunities for cross-screen connections for marketers everywhere. And according to Millward Brown’s 2014 Global AdReaction study, 35% of all screen time involves using a digital device while watching TV. I have to say seeing thousands of people slowly exit the big ExCel hall seemed more interesting because everyone was looking for their own Tweets on the big screens.


Internet of Things

Controlling every device in your household with a ring? That’s my precious, all right. From just being a communicating human we are now the connected human. We are monitoring and controlling our environment with centralized systems that bring us more ease and save us time among other things. Markets are constantly learning about the opportunities of IOT and unified standards haven’t been yet implemented. Of course, security and privacy issues concerning the Internet of Things are still a big topic of debate.

One of the keynote speakers, Minter Dial, educated us at the Summit that most of the tech innovations are born from startups, not from the big companies that were last on the list. This was bit of a surprise because you’d think big companies would have the best resources to bring new innovations to market. For example, when it comes to IOT, the big companies are still observing what is happening from the sidelines while startups are already in the field playing.


Marketing beyond marketing

Know your customer. Simple as that. But knowing that your customer is a 35 year old male isn’t enough. We need to know where he goes, when he goes, and what he does when he is looking for a product. We need to know how and when to engage him in the buying path. We need to be there, especially when he is going off track. From mass marketing we have now moved to the age of ISP, the individual selling proposition, and guessing what your potential client might want is considered spam. 

What I have personally always loved about digital marketing is the data. Endless amounts of data are available that you can collect, compare and constantly learn from. One of the keynote speakers, Mark Steel, Digital Operations Director from Argos, stated “Finished is better than perfect!” The idea behind this thinking is to get feedback from your consumers as soon as possible so you can quickly learn what is right on target and where you might have missed a step. Even though we think we know what the client wants, we need to test and analyze our assumptions so we actually know for sure. As the saying goes, “when you assume, you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.