Ben's First Week at Luxus!

Luxus London

by Luxus London

During my first week at Luxus, it didn't take long for my calendar to fill up with plenty to do.  I jumped right in and had a chance to meet the team, learn about the clients and start my first projects...

Ben Oldham copy

First thing on Monday morning,  I logged in to find my calendar pre-populated with introductions and inductions with various members of the Luxus Team who would help me find my feet here. As soon as I accepted the invites,  I jumped straight into Luxus’ bi-weekly stand-up —where the team share their workload for the coming days. It was a chance to hear some of the projects the Team are working on and briefly meet the many new faces I would be working with. 

It's safe to say that Luxus is a change of scale for me; I'd spent the last 8 years working in digital design from an agency consisting of just a small handful of people. 

Despite its difference in size, Luxus has the same tight-knit feel. Everyone is very welcoming and ready to offer their support. What’s exciting about joining the Luxus team is the opportunity to work with so many talented people and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and diverse expertise.

Throughout the first few days, I had the opportunity to meet almost everybody who makes up the Luxus London crew, including content creators, designers, VR artists, developers, and the client services teams. I also familiarised myself with the clients I would be working with, and of course, setting up my all-important working from home desk. 



On Thursday, I had one of my final team introductions which led seamlessly into my first piece of project work. It was a great opportunity to get a feel for how the company works and a chance to learn a programme I don’t have a huge amount of experience in so far: Figma.

Friday continued with more project work, my first Luxus weekly quiz testing us on past Christmas adverts, and a catch-up with some of the team who have helped me settle in during my first week.

Joining a new team whilst working from home could have been a daunting experience but from my first contact with Luxus everyone has been incredibly welcoming and supportive; it has made the transition here effortless.

I’m very excited about joining the Luxus team and can’t wait to see what's in store for me next.