Diving into Design — Lorna’s First Week at Luxus!

Lorna Inman

by Lorna Inman

My first week at Luxus was a great success, leaving me feeling welcomed, well-adjusted and excited to begin working with everyone here. Nearing the end of the long and listless times of the pandemic — the warm reception at Luxus has been a breath of fresh air. 

Lorna Inman

The first thing that stood out to me at Luxus was the quality of the team, and I’m so excited to collaborate with the other great minds here. I wasn’t particularly nervous in my first week, rather, I was excited and relieved before I’d even started.

Having already (virtually) met a handful of my colleagues, I could sense the opportunity for growth and support. My first week of meeting everyone confirmed that on top of everyone’s talents, they’re also super kind and approachable. Joining as a Design Intern, my role will encapsulate all kinds of digital design: graphic, video creation, 3D and immersive.

My educational background in Art & Design doesn’t necessarily lend its hand to working in a digital transformation company. I spent most of my time during my degree creating enormous three-metre-long oil paintings. So, it feels like a huge achievement to be taken on board at Luxus.

Except, I might be oversimplifying my experience a bit...

I graduated in 2019, and for the past two years I’ve been exploring using immersive technologies in the arts and video production. Working as a Virtual Reality Artist, I created bespoke, hand-painted VR experiences and videos. I used a VR design tool called Tilt Brush to paint huge 3D environments in virtual space.

If you don’t know what this might look like, picture someone waving their hands around in mid-air for hours-on-end, whilst staring into a screen that is quite literally inches away from their eyeballs. Then you’ll have hit the nail on the head.

Some examples of my work from the past two years are: I have performed live on stage at Google HQ, created a live VR experience that launched in five cities across the globe, and illustrated a 360-degree immersive short film which launched at Mozilla Festival 2021. 

 Fortunately, Luxus saw the value in my niche set of skills. My know-how in using VR, in new media and in emerging social, technological and design trends is probably what made me an attractive candidate for the role.

It’s been a pleasure to share some of my knowledge in these areas, and to feel like I’ve been making helpful contributions in my first week on the job. But that just seems like part of the culture to get used to here.

I particularly like Luxus’ creative share afternoons, where we all get the chance to learn new skills from the specialists on our team. Everyone has their own unique areas of expertise, and I’m looking forward to joining in myself.

On the whole, my first week has been really enjoyable, and I appreciated my introduction to the company’s clients, brands, best-practices and past work. Luxus’ etiquette towards introducing newcomers like me didn’t go amiss; giving me the time and opportunity to pick up all the details.

And honestly, I did learn a lot! I couldn’t be happier with the team’s reception of me joining and I am equally as excited to get stuck in.