Life at Luxus - Juho Wallenius

Anni Erkinaro

by Anni Erkinaro

Welcome to our new employee interviews. In this series of articles we will chat with Luxus employees from all over the world, discussing everything from their typical work day to the tech apps they're currently obsessed with. Let's kick things off with our CEO, Juho Wallenius – read on to find about his vision for the future and what he thinks makes Luxus unique.



So how was your summer holiday? Excited to be back at work?

Juho: Always! The summer was very nice. I spent the whole vacation by the sea – sailing and relaxing at the summer cottage with family and friends. So it was indeed a very typical Finnish summer holiday.


Sounds good! You have been with Luxus for almost two years. What has been the greatest achievement during your journey with us? 

J: All has been good! Well, honestly, I think the greatest achievement has been getting us back on growth track and the successful start of our London operations. It really looks very promising over there. But I cannot take the credit for that – I’m just simply trying to make it possible for the team to shine.


Have there been any challenges?

J: Aren’t there always some? I think the key is how you react to the challenges. I really like our can-do attitude. Very often when we face a challenge here at Luxus, people just step up to actively find a solution. It’s the special thing in our culture – we believe in less whining and more action.


What does your typical work day look like?

J: I guess this sounds bad but I’m almost always in meetings or answering calls and emails. So it’s all a bit hectic. Therefore, I really love it when I get a chance to join a planning meeting or do some strategy work. Sitting down to write and think analytically feels like a real luxury!


Sounds quite busy! What is it that you like most about your job?

J: Seeing people getting a kick out of cool design, exciting tech, and the happy clients that come as a result! This is a team sport and a happy team performs the best.


In your opinion, what makes Luxus special in its field?

J: We have been in the business of digital design and marketing technology long enough to understand what really matters. Ideas are cheap and even innovations are pretty everyday. What really matters is execution. And that’s where we are rock solid.


Where do you see the company in five years?

J: I hope we have managed to continue our international saga. In five years’ time the Helsinki office – our current headquarters – would ideally be smaller than the sister units abroad. I hope that by then, we’ve become a truly established player in the marketing operations business and can start to challenge the global giants.


Thank you for the interview, Juho!