Happy Hour, March 2016 | Designing the ecommerce of tomorrow

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

Yesterday, we got together for the fifth Luxus Happy Hour, an informal after-work gathering centered on a trending topic in digital design and marketing technology. This time, we met at Restaurant Lungberg to talk about the evolution and future of user experience design in online commerce with some of the brightest digital minds we know. In this post, we’ll provide a brief recap of the three presentations that guided our discussions.


 The (r)evolution of ecommerce

Luxus Helsingborg’s multitalented UX Designer / Digital Planner Markus Jönsson kicked things off by walking us through the history of ecommerce. We learnt that while the relevant technology has been around since 1979, the very first online purchase – a Sting album – wasn’t checked out until 15 years later in 1994. Furthermore, Markus explained that although ecommerce has already come a long way from its chaotic early years, there’s more in store. From touchless checkout to advanced personalization to the convergence of online and offline retail, we can expect some exciting developments in the near future. For those who missed the inspiring talk, Markus’ presentation can be viewed on Slideshare.


When and why UX should be part of ecommerce projects

Next up, Talent Base’s brilliant UX Competence Lead Sakke Mustonen took the stage discussing the vital role customer experience plays in ecommerce platforms’ ability to achieve business goals. Sakke talked about delighting customers with CX solutions and interactions that not only meet their needs but also manage to positively surprise them. He illustrated this by introducing the kano model of personalization, which suggests that the nice-to-haves of today are the necessities of tomorrow. Finally, Sakke emphasized that the days of considering digital marketing as a series of consecutive projects are long gone, and that instead we should be thinking of it as an agile and ongoing activity that revolves around constant testing, analysis and adaptation. Sakke’s thought-provoking slides are available on Slideshare.

"I must delete the word 'project' from my vocabulary. Digital development work is always continuous."

Sakke Mustonen, UX Competence Lead at Talent Base

Consumer experience more than meets the eye

Last but definitely not the least, we cleared the floor for Talent Base’s experienced Senior Consultant Tuija Riekkinen, who dug deep into the concept of digital presence. She explained that successful ecommerce solutions entail much more than just good-looking customer interfaces, which is why the development of enjoyable ecommerce solutions requires a wide array of competencies ranging from content strategists to UX designers and front-end developers. Tuija also reminded us that it’s impossible to create great customer experiences in a vacuum – instead, businesses need a deep understanding of their users, environments and employees to succeed. Tuija’s insightful presentation can be viewed here.


See you at the next one!

Finally, we’d like to send a heartfelt thank you to our three amazing speakers and everyone who made it to the March Happy Hour. We had a blast and hope you did too! If you’d like to know about upcoming events, please drop us a line and we’ll make sure to send you an invitation.