A day of inspiration on the island of Lonna

Linda Bask

by Linda Bask

Next 2016 is a day-long digital marketing summit with two simultaneous tracks: Innovate and Execute. The event gathers successful marketers, innovators and decision-makers from startup and enterprise businesses to share their knowledge and experiences about the challenges and opportunities of digitalization.


Two stages, one goal

One track is purely dedicated for innovation and the other one is for execution, but they’ll both be full of experts ready to discuss digitalization from their own perspective and with the future focus in mind.

Next 2016 offers participants the freedom to choose one track or shuffle between the two. It’s a great chance to network with digital marketing enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and other marketing people from various Finnish companies. We’ve chosen to keep the pace of the program dynamic, so the speeches will last about 30 minutes and panel discussions 45 minutes.

The two-fold program of Next 2016 is built on speeches from experienced business people. We’ve been able to create a program that features some well-established companies such as Google, Adobe, Fiskars, Rovio, Vainu.io and Facebook.


Not an average business seminar

What makes Next 2016 so special? It is an international mini summit organized on the island of Lonna, just 10 minutes’ boat-ride from the South Harbor of Helsinki. We chose this beautiful island as our venue to guarantee an inspirational and relaxed atmosphere.

Nowadays people want the business events to be more than just listening to educational speeches with a cup of coffee in a hotel lobby. Maybe it’s a “slush-effect”, hipsters, start-up scene and digitalization in its entirety that have set higher demands for event organizers. Or we could say that in today’s world, people see only the most attractive photos from the events on social media channels? Browsing our Instagram feeds, we spotted a couple of awesome photos from international events that sparked our interest. Those inspirational photos encouraged us to plan an event that is way beyond an average business seminar.


We believe in

We are Luxus. We always want to do something different. We believe that business can be fun. This is the reason behind organizing Next 2016, a summit bringing a fresh breeze into the world of business seminars. Join us for an event full of energetic speakers discussing digitalization, all on an island that radiates the spirit of the Finnish summer. Fingers crossed that August 19th will be as beautiful as our program.