Life at Luxus - Joonas, QA Specialist

Luxus Helsinki

by Luxus Helsinki

Joonas is a QA specialist working at our Helsinki HQ, famed for his meticulous attention to detail, strong work-ethic and gravity-defying hairstyles. We recently caught up with Joonas to discuss his two years with the company.


QA specialists are renowned for their love of all things poetic (pretty sure that’s the case anyway). Please describe a typical day in the form of a Haiku!


Sun rise, drink coffee now

Cosy desk, bug hunt begins

Test, fix, smile and laugh 

Sum up your personality using only alliteration.

Joonas:  Colourful clown, cool as a cucumber.

You’re a big marvel fan – who is your favourite Avenger and why?

Joonas: Most of them wear weird suits when on duty and personally I prefer the human (or in some cases the alien) behind the super hero alias. There are things I like and don’t like when it comes to most of the Avengers, but I really love Captain Marvel. She is a mystery as an individual but also as a super hero. I really liked the movie and the character is the type of person I’d absolutely love to meet face to face.


Picture this: You receive a call from Nick Fury who informs you that the worlds’ governments are testing out a new strain of super serum in the workplace. You’ve been offered a place on the experimental program and, of course, you accept without hesitation.

“Just a few questions and we’ll have you all signed up Joonas Number 1: Can you tell us about yourself, your background and your experience prior to working in your current position?”

Joonas: I’m from a smaller town in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Järvenpää, where Finnish national composer Jean Sibelius lived most of his life. Now that I think about it, there might be some connection with my passion for different styles of music and Sibelius. Before I started studying International Business Administration I worked in different industries – even a brewery at one point. With marketing and communications being my major subject, I joined Luxus as an intern back in 2017 and the rest is history.

“Great. What qualities do you think make a good QA Specialist?”

Joonas: A good QA specialist is all about process, process, and consistency.  I've learned very quickly that the key is really to develop a solid process and stick to it.  When I started as a quality assurance specialist, I wasn’t too familiar with all the different tools and platforms I was using, so teamwork and support from my colleagues played a key role in my development. I’m eternally thankful to our designers who have helped me develop an eye for detail, our developers who have assisted me when things have gotten too technical, our project managers for keeping up the good communication and everyone on the map of things, and of course the whole Luxus family. 

“Uh-huh, uh-huh… If you could choose up to 3 super powers to help you in your current role – what would they be and why?

  1. At super busy times the ability to stop the clocks would be useful. Or additionally the ability to add one more day to the week.
  2. Being a cyborg isn’t an actual super power I think, but it certainly would be helpful to be half man, half machine (Not in a Darth Vader -way though) in order to solve technical issues more efficiently.
  3. I’m a quality assurance specialist, does that count as a super power itself already?

“Yes, it does Joonas, yes it does. On that note, every super hero needs an animal sidekick, what would yours be and why?”

 Joonas: Definitely our beloved office dog Halla. She is a true super hero with her ability to make people smile just with her fluffy presence. She’d be a loyal sidekick too, at least as long I have enough dog treats in my utility belt and remember to pet her every now and then. When it’s a rainy day she wears fashionable raincoats so she wouldn’t even need a specifically designed super hero suit.

“What more could you ask for? Now then, super heroes learn a lot on the job - what’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned since joining Luxus?”

 Joonas: I have learned so much at Luxus and all have been positive lessons. I’ve always considered myself a social and communicative person, but I would still say that’s an area in which I’ve developed in the most. It is amazing how good the communication is in a worldwide working environment, with team members located all over the globe. Time zone differences can be challenging at certain times and for certain people, but not at Luxus. Considering that some of our team members have never met each other in person, it is simply awesome how direct, fair and honest the communication is. Not just the internal communication, but with our clients and partners too.

“That’s great thanks – now turn around.”

You turn to see Nick Fury stood with an opened brief case. Inside you see a vial of super serum.

“Just one more thing Joonas – what’s your super hero name?”

 Joonas: During my time at Luxus I’ve had several nicknames. Most notable one was last summer’s “Mr. Flip Flop”, but that doesn’t really sound like a super hero name. I’ll choose my personal favourite and most recent nickname based on a bug tracking system and project management software we use at Luxus. Beware, my super hero name is Captain Jira. (Hopefully Brie Larson is reading this blog post, would be cool to get a date with a fellow captain.)