Life at Luxus - Hetti, Digital Project Manager

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by Luxus Worldwide

Hetti is a Digital Project Manager working at our Helsinki HQ, renowned for her masterful communication and organisational skills. She’s also an avid sports enthusiast and a founding member of our very own Luxus Party Committee. We recently caught up with Hetti to find out more about her Luxus experience so far.


Can you tell us about your typical day at Luxus in the form of a Haiku?

Oh how it’s peaceful

Emails and tickets and chat

I should hurry now

Describe your personality using only alliteration.

Happy as a hippo and hardworking hummingbird –Hetti hardly hesitates!

That has quite a ring to it! Now, we know you’re a lover of sport and take part in CrossFit classes at Luxus HQ—these sessions mustn't be easy, but what aspect of the sessions do you enjoy the most?

I like challenging myself and a great way to do so is by getting out of bed a bit too early and going to a morning workout. I love the feeling I get after finishing class, being happy knowing I've started the day well. During these Luxus CrossFit sessions, we mostly have 3-5 people joining and it’s great getting personal instructions from our coaches. They’re always cheering us on and trying to get us to push past our limits. I also really enjoy the group spirit and getting a fun experience with my colleagues outside of the office space, which I think is important. 

Sounds like a lot of fun, now picture this:

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are rapidly approaching. Athletes around the globe are preparing to battle it out on the world stage. But suddenly, the organising committee makes two shock announcements:

1. Every sport is now officially recognised as an Olympic discipline.

2. However, each country may only nominate one person to compete for them. 

The leaders of Finnish sport scramble to call an emergency meeting. They know there is only one person who could possibly represent the nation in such a fierce competition. “It has to be Hetti!” They cry in unison. “She’s the only one that qualifies for Bootcamp training, CrossFit, cycling and swimming!” Graciously, you agree to compete and win the gold with flying colours. A press conference is held after your landmark victory and the paparazzi clamour to hear about your remarkable journey to success. Breathlessly they ask: 

“Before you joined Luxus, what sort of work did you do? Surely it must have been in the athletic field?”

Actually, that’s not the case. Before Luxus, I was studying. I completed my master's degree and graduated from Turku School of Economics in 2018. During my studies I worked as a Sales Representative for a couple of clothing brands and I also worked in a grocery store for 6 years.

“You’ve come so far; you must be proud of yourself!” They all exclaim. “But tell us Hetti, with the world of competitive sport being such a tough environment, there must have been some obstacles along the way.”

One reporter in particular takes off his aviator shades, looks at you intently and asks, “What the public really wants to know is…What has been the most challenging aspect of your job as a Project Manager?”

Time management. Most of my work tasks need to be completed ASAP. But a lot of the time many people are requesting different tasks without knowing the deadline or level or urgency. So, setting realistic time frames and time management in general is a challenging but important part of my role.

“Thank you for your honesty and insight Hetti, it seems you’re a really hard worker!” The reporter responds.

Being a professional athlete isn’t just about hard work, however. This kind of career also allows you to travel around the world, attend A-List parties and go to exciting events!

As an active member of the Luxus Helsinki Party Committee, what would be your dream event to organise?

I think it would be a summer festival of some kind. There would be a mix of movies, music, photography, art, food and games. I would try to get start-ups and pop-ups to participate. A countryside location would be best as I’d want the event to encourage people to enjoy life outside of busy cities and embrace the beauty in nature. This would need more planning of course, but at least you get the idea! 

Sounds like a really fun event, great idea! 

After a long and dazzling career in professional sport, you eventually decide to hang up your training gear and retire, cementing your status as a living legend. In the years that follow, you occasionally meet the next generation of aspiring Olympians, all of whom are itching to learn the secret to becoming a champion. One of the young bubbling athletes races up to you and asks:

“What 3 things would you say make a great Project Manager? I dream of following in your footsteps!”

The ability to give clear and understandable task instructions for team members, providing good communication channels and being easily approachable when facing issues or questions.

Finally — and perhaps most importantly — while you are happily enjoying retirement on your own private island (paid for by that sweet, sweet sponsorship money), you are approached by a world-famous movie studio. They want to make your success story into a film! But the big question is...who would you want to play the role of you? 

Oh my…I would play it myself of course! However, my stuntwoman should be Uma Thurman, even though I look nothing like her...