Life at Luxus - Mika, Project Coordinator

Luxus Helsinki

by Luxus Helsinki

Mika is a Project Coordinator at our Helsinki office who uses his creativity and marketing mind to get tasks done quickly and to a high standard. This might include handling web operations and content to co-ordinating translations or working with international stakeholders. Outside of the office, Mika can be found snapping some shots as a hobbyist photographer or rustling up a tune on guitar or piano. We recently got to learn a little more about his work and life with Luxus.


Describe a typical day at the Luxus office, in the form of a Haiku.

A stack of emails

Hear a skateboard approaching

Another Tuesday

We heard you have quite the eye for photography. If you were to choose a photograph you’ve taken to be uploaded onto the Luxus Instagram page right now, which picture would you choose?


2019-07-24 11.16.04 1

[Mika's rollercoster super shot. Check out Mika's other works here:]

I actually have one stand out picture in mind. Some time ago I visited Linnanmäki, an amusement park in the center of Helsinki, with a group of friends from Luxus. I took a photo from the top of this legendary wooden rollercoaster we went on. It has it all the cool snapshot components: The sunset, The Helsinki skyline and authentic after-work vibes.

Picture this - an artistic snapshot you took of the Luxus Helsinki office is uploaded to the company's Instagram and goes viral - congratulations! The photo is noticed by a local exhibition director who wants to display your work in an upcoming office photography collection. The director gets in touch and you to arrange a business call to talk about the piece and learn more about your background.

On the call, she says: “It’s rare we exhibit pieces that weren't captured by full time photographers, but yours really caught our eye. I'm intrigued as to the location behind this photograph. Could you explain to me, what you usually get up to in your role at Luxus Worldwide?”

I see myself as a link between the client and the solution for the client’s requirements. Sometimes I come up with the solution myself, sometimes I get the developers, designers or copywriters involved to do so. An example of a typical task that I would get involved with would be a client needing a new page for a social media campaign they are running and I would need to figure out how to get this done.

“Interesting stuff Mika. It certainly doesn’t sound like a job that is easily done, what would you say is the trickiest part?”

There’s a lot of rearranging projects with different stakeholders. But no matter how difficult this can be, I try to stay focused on the end goal of the project and keep the client in mind.

“I see, well you seem to be both skilled in the office and behind the lens. Our exhibition team is delighted to be displaying your work as part of our new collection. I must say however, I’m curious as to how a man who deals with stakeholders and online content ended up taking a particular interest in photography? What’s the story there?”

I’ve always been very much into visual arts. When I was a kid, I loved drawing and painting. As I grew up these hobbies were replaced with graphic design and photography. After high school, I ended up studying business at university, with a focus in digital marketing. I believe that marketing actually combines design, technology and business together - that’s why I enjoy doing it.

Jump to 6 weeks later. You’re at the exhibition, standing before your photograph, admiring your work.

A few people come up and chat to you about the piece and congratulate you, including the director herself. “Great to have you here Mika, looks like your piece is proving to be quite popular! Your work inspired me to start up a gallery blog with multiple members of my team contributing. But I'll admit, I'm a bit lost when it comes to the technical side of blogs! Do you have any tips for creating and managing online content?”

The first thing is to be consistent and keep on posting high quality content regularly.

Secondly, don’t forget SEO especially alt text/tags. These are descriptions of an image that help search engines know what the content of the image is. As a photography blogger, I know for a fact that it does make a difference.

Actually, great SEO was how I found out about Luxus in the first place. I had written my bachelor’s thesis about customer experience design and googled companies that are experts in that area. Luxus was the first result so I decided to send an open application. And now I’m actually here!

The final question we’ve been itching to ask a music fan, what are the top three songs you’ve been listening to recently?

Mutemath - Sooner or Later

Andy Mineo - Uptown

Bon Iver - Faith

Thanks Mika! We'll be sure to give those a listen.