Life at Luxus - Nathan, Web Developer

Luxus Helsinki

by Luxus Helsinki

Recently we sat down with Nathan, a web developer in the Luxus team in Helsinki. When he’s not hard at work coding sites for our clients, he can be found playing a spot of basketball. Or perhaps he might be adding a new pair of shoes to his collection. We got to catch up with him a bit about what his life at Luxus is like. 


Using alliteration, give us a few hints as to what it’s like to be a part of the Luxus team.

Nathan: Luxus is a family of fully charged friends forever having fun

Let us know what a typical morning at the Luxus office is like…in the form of a Haiku.


Coffee, great music,

Usually 80's Hip-Hop,

Feature, design, code.

A delivery arrives at the office. Good news, it’s for you! By the shape of the sealed box you can tell a stylish pair of shoes are inside that you recently ordered. The delivery man however is extra careful about security and wants to verify your identity. He demands more information on your position at Luxus before he hands over the box. What do you tell him?

Nathan: Creative works, and building wonderful features and experiences.

The delivery man is delighted with your answer, as he is an aspiring web developer himself. He hands over the shoe box with a smile on his face. Before you go try on your shiny new shoes, he also wants to know what the hardest part of your job is.

Nathan: The hardest part is when I need to implement a new feature or request and there are multiple methods of doing it (and even then I can get stuck for ideas on the methods sometimes…). At times like this I need to think from the top and about the big picture of the project. There is no wrong way of getting the request done, once it’s working, that’s what matters. But we do need to use the most suitable method for each situation and request that we take on.

On your way back to your desk, a colleague approaches you with some exciting news, distracting you from your new purchase. The British basketball league has taken a fresh new interest in marketing companies, especially Luxus. They want Luxus to start their own amateur basketball team. You’ve been assigned to make the decision on the name. What name do you choose?

Nathan: YoYoYo. Because it’s my catchphrase. :)

Cut to 6 months later, you find yourself in the final of the somewhat hastily established ‘Finnish marketing professional’s amateur basketball league’. Following a decisive victory, you’re approached by a journalist. This journalist is curious about the person behind the decision of the team’s name. They want to know more about the Luxus life and ask how you have changed since joining the company. The microphone is handed to you, what do you say?

Nathan: Honestly, I learnt a lot here, but I’m most grateful for learning how to work with people from different cultures. Luxus is an international team and we have people from Spain, UK, France, China, Iraq, Vietnam and of course, Finland! Also, many of our clients are in different countries.

I know that once you figure out a way to work comfortably with people from different cultures, you can reach a new level of professionalism in your career.

Nice answer! The journalist is fascinated by your charisma and asks what your favourite part of working for this athletically gifted company is.

Nathan: High fiving people after getting some awesome work done for a project. Although after that moment, we usually look like kids.