My First Week at Luxus - Welcome Laura!

Laura Choate

by Laura Choate

My first day as a Junior Copywriter at Luxus was not how I envisioned entering a new job. Nationwide lockdown meant that I could forget about a Peggy from Mad Men moment, that is, walking nervous and excitedly into an open plan office and being introduced to my desk. Slightly less glamorously, my first day on the job started with a short ‘commute’ down the stairs and opening my laptop in my dining room.  


In our weird new reality, worries about smart shoes and strong handshakes were no longer a concern. All of that to look forward to. Instead, first impressions were established in my attempts to get the family dog and teenage brother to take their barking/saxophone honking elsewhere during video calls. More crucially, making sure there were no embarrassing childhood photos on the wall directly behind me. 

On the first day, I met several faces through a screen. All friendly faces, I am pleased to report, and all equally empathetic to my strange first day! There were introductions to IT systems, and to key client accounts. As I familiarised myself with the business, I knew I had much to learn and look forward to.  

Tuesday was spent in team meetings. Second day in, I was providing more smiling and waving into a laptop than anything elseBut, more excitingly I started on my first real task – writing up headlines and copy for social posts. Meaning, by Wednesday’s catch up meeting I could report my first task done!

Before spending too long basking in my productivity, I was onto the next task. This time, researching healthcare facts for an upcoming video. 

Thursday and Friday were spent with more research, more writing and editing, and more team meetings. Friday was spent getting particularly stuck into editing an e-Guide, of which I am looking forward to seeing my contributions take shape in the final product 

Then came my final task of the week, writing this blog post, I felt a real appreciation for the efforts of the whole Luxus team. They have made me feel incredibly welcome and kept things running as smoothly as possible for me. I have the team, the varied work, and the powers of instant messaging to thank for a fantastic first week.  

I am looking forward to meeting my colleagues face to face, soon, I hope! I know that I have much more to learn, and more important details to discover. Smart shoes and mug etiquette included...