Introducing a new generation of #LuxusHeroes | Pt. 1

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

We’re proud to call Luxus Worldwide the stomping grounds of seven clever interns. To give you a glimpse into the secret lives of our young talents, we asked them to tell us about their experiences and future aspirations. Here's what our first four heroes had to say – stay tuned for Part 2!


Quinn, Project Manager Intern at Luxus Helsinki 

I’ve had an awesome journey at Luxus so far! I love the people, the beautiful office with a view to West Harbor and the fresh fruit deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays – not to mention beer o’clock on Fridays. And of course Halla, my favorite office dog! It was a huge surprise and honor to receive an honorable mention from the Luxus management team at the Christmas party last month. As introduced by our CEO Juho, the award was to recognize my hard work and dedication to Luxus, even though I’ve only joined the company recently. The positive feedback couldn’t have come at a better time, as a really challenging case had made me temporarily doubt my project management abilities earlier that day. During the past few months, I have learnt a lot about digital marketing and various project management tools, which I believe to be very useful for my future career in brand management. My internship will end in the beginning of March 2016, but I hope that the friends I make and the experiences I have here will go with me much further in my life.


Anni, HR & Communications Intern at Luxus Helsinki 

I work with both internal and external communications, which means that my days are mainly filled with creating social media content, assisting with HR activities, and working closely with developers, designers, and marketing professionals worldwide. I’ve had a chance to do so many other things as well, such as attend various industry events and even practice my (previously non-existent) coding skills. During my internship, I have also properly grasped the fine art of multitasking. Personally, I feel that the unique thing about Luxus is our culturally diverse workforce. Everyone is accepted as they are and diversity is genuinely valued. Having so many different nationalities and personalities under the same roof really makes us more open. Even though the atmosphere at the office is friendly and relaxed, we definitely mean business. It’s safe to say that working at Luxus has really set the bar high for potential future employers!


Dean, Project Manager Intern at Luxus London 

I joined Luxus as a Project Manager Intern not long after the London office was opened. I was lucky enough to start soon after graduating, so although everything was new to me, I felt very welcome and excited to finally be working in an agency environment. What I enjoy about working at Luxus is the ability to collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds, which allows me to get a feel for other roles as well as project management. I even recently got a chance to visit the Luxus HQ in Finland and meet even more people (and dogs) behind the operation. As much as I love working in the UK, one of the many things I learnt from the trip to Helsinki is that Luxus London desperately needs an office pet!


Eevi, Accounting Intern at Luxus Helsinki 

I’m an Accounting Intern at Luxus, and a third year accounting major at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. I will be graduating in December 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I started at Luxus last month and for the first few weeks I’ve been getting to know office routines and helping out with daily administrative tasks, like sorting out credit card bills. During my internship, I’m hoping to get a comprehensive idea of the finance and accounting practices at Luxus. I enjoy the fact that we have an international working environment and a very open and relaxed atmosphere at the office, which makes it pleasant to come to work every day. And I absolutely love dogs, so of course it’s great to have several at the office!