Introducing a new generation of #LuxusHeroes | Pt. 2

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

A few weeks ago, we proudly presented four of our seven fantastic interns, and promised to return with the rest of our lovely bunch. Today, we're excited to introduce three more members of our A-Team. Enjoy!


Hanna, Project Manager Intern at Luxus Helsinki

Almost five months of my six-month-long project management internship are up and I have lived and learned so much that I feel like a whole year has flown by. The introvert that I am, I admit that at first I was terrified of the hustle and bustle of people shouting digital abbreviations and having countless of calls with clients, but Luxus has taught me how to handle these situations. I used to think that I am a multitasker but Luxus has given a whole new meaning to the word. I study Corporate Communication in Aalto where I’m starting my master’s thesis on gamification, and I also have a degree in Comparative Literature. So it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that I enjoy writing and the arts. Although this untraditional combination has made me kind of an oddball, Luxus is different. Here I have been given projects that fit my creative background and organized nature. Needless to say that the beauty of Luxus definitely lies in its diverse employees and the fact that everyone can be themselves – and even more importantly, appreciated for who they are.


Son, Front-end Developer Intern at Luxus Helsinki

I'm an undergraduate Information Technology student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. I landed an internship at Luxus last fall, and I must say that I'm really lucky to be here. Luxus has given me the opportunity to apply my web development skills to real client projects. I’ve also gotten to know lots of talented people, who are not only fun to work with but also great company after work. As a developer, I’m assigned tasks that fit my capabilities, but if I get stuck I can always turn to my coworkers for help. The working atmosphere is professional but very relaxed. When I’m working on a challenging project, I like that I can rest my eyes on the view from the 7th floor, while petting one of the office dogs. What could be better than that?


Riikka, Project Manager Intern at Luxus Helsinki

My time at Luxus can be described very easily: It’s been the most freaking awesome experience ever. I’m a master's student from Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics majoring in Marketing. In August 2015, I received a call that literally changed my life: “Welcome to Luxus!”. The smile that brightened my face then has not yet, after 4 months, disappeared. I’ve studied business and marketing for over four years, but the biggest lessons I’ve learnt have come from Luxus. Not only have I strengthened my technical skills and knowledge of digital marketing and its tools – I was not a tech-savvy girlie at first – but also my persistence, time management and communication skills. Multitasking, changing priorities and tight schedules are a part of the everyday life for a project manager, and that’s what makes this job so intriguing. I could talk about the people here all day, but let’s just say that I am honestly fortunate to be a part of this warm-hearted and hard-working squad. Working with this international bunch of top professionals has been a journey I will never forget.