New shades of Luxus 2019

Scott Sphar

by Scott Sphar

While change is constant, renewal and a fresh start sometimes take a little longer to come about fully.  Well, we’re here to let you know that we’ve had some work on our own renewal brewing for a little while, and we’re really proud to share it with you!


We’re getting out the word that at Luxus we’ve got strong wind in our sails, passion and energy stored up in our team, and a fresh new face to the world.

We’re super happy to take a step back and launch a fresh new update to our brand, visual identity, and to start sharing a bit more about who we are, what we do, and about some of the amazing customers that we have the pleasure of working with.

We have some exciting content to share with you focusing on topics in digital marketing and technology that make us passionate and really love what we do.  We’ll be sharing new video content, customer interviews, and in-depth spotlights on topics that we find are driving forces in digital today.

Staying true to who we are, evolving with time


As a business, Luxus has been around for a while.  We’ve been part of the global, Nordic, and Finnish digital marketing and technology landscape for close to 20 years.  We’ve seen a lot of big accomplishments in those years, but we haven’t always been the most vocal about sharing who we are and what we do.

We have a strong identity and culture that we’re proud of, and it’s important to us to celebrate everyone who has contributed to the Luxus story.  While many things have changed over the years, our values of people, customers, progress and integrity have stayed consistent throughout our journey, and they're closely linked to the spirit and culture established by our co-founders back in 2001.

We're super lucky to have a straight line through from those early days to who we are and what we do today, with several of our co-founders actively involved in the business.

New energy, fresh look... super fresh!

Even though many things stay the same, sometimes you need a fresh start.  Our last major brand refresh happened in 2010, so only about 9 years ago or so. Times were different, and so were we.  Since then, we’ve made small tweaks to our brand colours, but haven’t undergone a full process to refresh our visual and brand identity. 

A few months ago, we started to take our visual identity in a new direction, maintaining a lot of consistency with our core identity as it’s evolved over the years – but also reflecting the new energy, passion, and pride that we feel.

So what’s new?  Well, we’ve made some tweaks to our brand colours, updated our font, and had a go at some slight adjustments to our logo and brand mark.  The Luxus ‘X’ now works on its own as our brand mark, can be animated, and is something we expect you’ll be seeing a lot more of!

Claiming our mission – Simplifying digital for our customers

We wanted to put a stake down in the ground with a clear claim that tells you what we’re about, what it is we do, and what our mission is. We did some soul searching with the team and found that simplicity was something that when we dug to the core of what we do, was everywhere we looked.  We’ll be talking more about simplicity in upcoming posts (so stay tuned!), but we feel simplicity in digital is essential, and it's something that we’re super passionate about, and confident to stand behind in our work.

Also, we’ve managed to make ourselves some new shoes – renewing and refreshing our own website.  If you’re only just getting to know us, or you haven’t caught up with us in a while, check out our new look, and what we’ve been up to.

And if there’s ever anything you may need help with, do get in touch!