Newsbytes | Week 1

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

Happy New Year! We’ve returned from our winter holidays feeling refreshed, and wanted to channel some of that energy into the blog. Consider it as our new year's resolution: every Friday from now on, we will be serving easily-digestible, bite-sized comments of the past week's biggest news.

Here are our top picks from week one.


CES 2016

For the past five days, it has been nearly impossible to follow any form of a digital medium without stumbling upon news from the ongoing global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, CES 2016. Although it’s only Day 2 of the Las Vegas showcase, we can thank Adweek for already having a fairly good idea of what to expect. As we had figured, drones, 3D printing, virtual reality and IoT will be the ones to watch, but as always, more established home electronics categories, such as TVs will also be getting their fair share of the spotlight.


Out with the old, in with the new

Although our very own IT guru Bryan had the foresight to predict the coming year’s tech trends as early as August, the beginning of a new year always inspires industry clairvoyants to dig out their crystal balls. This time, we turned our gazes towards Inc’s projections and were happy to see that VR, wearable tech, design thinking and employee experience were among the list of things to look for in 2016.


Mobile first 

With an ever-increasing number of mobile and tablet users, businesses in all verticals are forced to rethink their digital platform strategies. While these news aren't exactly fresh off the press, user experiences on mobile are extremely relevant for companies wishing to stay ahead of the competition in 2016 and beyond. That's why our first Happy Hour of the year will revolve around optimizing customer experiences for the smallest breakpoint. Is your email address not on the guest list yet? Not to worry, just drop us a line and we'll make sure to send you an invitation. 


Diversity in tech

As you've probably noticed by now, diversity and equal opportunities are very close to our hearts. That's why we got seriously excited when we read that Pinterest had followed the example of other Silicon Valley tech giants, and appointed their first Head of Diversity. Inspired by the great news, we promise to make an active effort to continue breaking the glass ceilings and promoting cultural equality in 2016.