Newsbytes | Week 4

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

It's Friday and we’re back with the lowdown of this week’s digital marketing news.


Bye, Flash!

We’ve been saying this for a while: the once ubiquitous Flash Player is finally giving way to more sophisticated technologies. On Wednesday, Mashable reported of a new study suggesting that the software’s imminent demise may become even sooner than expected. We believe that we’re speaking for everyone, when we bid adieu to the out-dated technology and welcome the era of HTML5 banners, fewer security breaches and more seamless online experiences.


Introducing Facebook Reactions

This week, the social media sphere has been buzzing with Facebook’s recent announcement to introduce a set six of human reactions to replace the iconic like-button. According to Bloomberg, Facebook CPO Chris Cox is taking a calculated risk by trying to change the way consumers interact with each other and brands on the channel. If history is anything to go by, consumers won’t take the change lightly. However, we’re hoping that once the initial shock wears off, Facebook users will be happy that they can express themselves with more than the ol’ thumbs-up.


Working from home

Forbes reports that flexible working schedules and the increasing availability of technology will result in more and more people working from home in 2016. With growing global mobility and the added freedom to select our ‘offices’, we see this year as our most productive yet. Although working with teams whose members are scattered across the globe requires some compromises, some of our best work is created as a result of cross-border collaboration.