Newsbytes | Week 5

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

This week, we got excited about the upcoming Super Bowl, data privacy, digital transformation and startups.


Privacy, convenience or both?

On Monday, Marketing Magazine’s Rebecca Coleman got us thinking about the value of data privacy. Currently, it seems that consumers are happy to part ways with their personal information just as long as they receive something (subjectively) more valuable in exchange. However, while convenience may seem like the key here, there’s another C-word that companies wanting to win the hearts – and data – of their audience should consider. Of course, we're talking about communication. We strongly believe that the ultimate winners of the privacy battle are businesses that openly tell their customers what kind of data they're collecting, why they're collecting it and how they're planning on protecting it.


Super Bowl goes mobile

With Super Bowl 50 looming in the not-so-distant future, we took a trip down memory lane and watched four of the most terribly failed half-time spots of all time. While making a mental note that racism, sexism, dead children and disgusting ailments don’t belong to the list of most coveted themes, we also discovered that standalone TV ads may no longer get brands very far. As discussed a few weeks back, the industry-wide shift from traditional to digital media is shaping the role of conventional advertising. For Super Bowl, this means that there will be a record number of viewers behind a smaller screen. The good news is that traditional agencies seem to be catching on, and we can realistically expect an omni-channel marketing extravaganza on Sunday.


Digital transformation is everyone's business

Earlier this week, our partner Oracle held the annual Digital Transformation IT Summit in London. One of the key questions of this year’s event was: “What’s driving your digital transformation journey?” While 23% of summit attendees said that the digital team alone should be responsible for driving transformation, a whopping 77% agreed that digitization must become a priority at all levels of the organization.


The land of startups

Just yesterday, EU Startups publised a list of the top 10 Finnish startups to watch in 2016. From games to education and from productivity to mobile payments, these 10 companies deserve all the attention they can get. As we've been saying for a while now, startups are currently Finland's hottest commodity and with the startup conference SLUSH gaining more and more traction internationally, there is no telling what the future will bring.