Newsbytes | Week 6

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

From office dogs to sports brands, and from coding lessons to our favorite Super Bowl ad, we’ve sifted through dozens of articles to deliver you bite-sized snippets of this week’s best ones. Here’s to the weekend!


21st century storytelling

If you ask us, the real champion of Super Bowl 50 was not the Denver Broncos but, in fact, Jeep. As Adweek reports, the company’s halftime ad “Portraits” wasn’t only entertaining and affective but also revolutionary in its format. Although the custom 7.7-by-9 aspect ratio and vertical orientation were designed with mobile spectators in mind, we must say that the spot looked pretty great on a TV screen, too. And although the story itself isn’t exactly radical, there’s something about the black and white imagery, dramatic voiceover and slight movement of the camera that are worthy of a gold medal of their own.


Teaching kids to code

For a while now, the tech industry has been promoting programming as a productive pastime for small children. While some argue that a few years down the line all professionals will need at least elementary web development skills, others are simply trying to secure a competitive advantage for their offspring. Regardless of the objective, it turns out that we’ve been going about the process of teaching the wrong way: as a recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests, the best coding lessons take place outside a classroom and without a computer.


When sports brands met technology

On Tuesday, Marketing Week published a piece about wearables and the changing face of sports brands. While emerging gadgets are allowing consumers to track and monitor their athletic performance in a completely new way, the underlying technology is also presenting some unforeseen challenges for brands, whose key selling point has thus far been authenticity. The primary hurdle for sports apparel companies is thus to innovate around their customers’ lives: anything too complicated or intrusive will be rejected, while wearable technology that contributes to positive user experiences will make it to the finish line


Luxus Kennel

As our Instagram followers may have noticed, we’re big believers in office dogs. Our interest in bringing our canine friends to the workplace started over a year ago with a very special poodle and has more recently expanded onto a fluffy Samoyed, a bandana-wearing wolfhound-mix and a couple of less frequent four-legged visitors. This week, Ad Age recognized the cultural benefit of bringing pets to work. Although not for the first time, we felt privileged to share the HQ with our pooches.