Newsbytes | Week 7

Pinja Virtanen

by Pinja Virtanen

This week seemed to fly by with interesting projects and exciting plans underway. Even with all the craziness, we managed to take a moment to compile our version of the past week’s best news.


The Internet of Security

MetaSensor, a Californian startup has built a tiny security device that lights up, sounds an alarm and sends its owner a push notification when someone moves the sensor. Although Sensor-1 is technically last week’s news, we thought it was genius enough to be featured a few days late. In all its simplicity, Sensor-1 is an excellent example of the kind of IoT and smart home executions we like: clever, convenient, user-friendly – and most importantly – designed to keep its owners’ physical objects safe and secure.


The worth of sharing

Up until this week, there has been little information about the individual-level financial impact of the sharing economy. However, a new report from JP Morgan is here to change that. The US-based survey looks into the earning potential of various labor and capital platforms, such as Uber, Airbnb and eBay to conclude that consumers who participate in the provision of such services earn an average of 20-33% of their total income through these platforms.


We <3 Photoshop

Snickers’ newest campaign for the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is as much of a serenade to Adobe Photoshop as it is to the chocolate bar claiming to cure hunger. Although we may not like to think about it, technology and advanced 3D rendering have enabled designers to literally construct human beings out of thin air. For digital design and marketing tech nerds like us, this is of course good news, as it gives us virtually unlimited opportunities for creativity through digital media.


On purpose and passion

On Monday, HBR published an article about the benefits of cultivating company goals that go beyond financial gain. In the story, Jim Whitehurst gives actionable advice for fostering the kind of shared passion that helps attract and retain the best and the brightest. Interestingly enough, passion and purpose also made it to the news elsewhere: a piece in Marketing Week suggests that consumers, too are increasingly interested in companies whose raison d’être is tied to making the world a better place in one way or another.