Not your average summit

Bryan Dollery

by Bryan Dollery

How will we spend out last days of summer? By cramming an island full of martech professionals. Let's just hope the weather holds up.

We don't usually look forward to the final few days of summer, but this year, there is a certain date on our calendar with a big circle around it, plus a few stars and smiley faces - August 19th, when we'll be hosting our very first martech summit, Luxus Next.

Last month's Keyword focused on Innovation, one of two tracks that Next will feature. For our last post before the summit, we'll take a look at the second track, Execute, and some of the speakers set to talk.


Veera Virintie - Marketing Manager


Vainu is less than two years old and one of Europe's fastest growing startups. In April this year, Vainu announced their plans to integrate with Leadfeeder, a move that will ensure improved lead generation for their nordic clients.

Veera will join us to talk about:

  • How Vainu started by selling SaaS software with PowerPoint slides
  • The rise of data driven sales: how to utilize big data to identify your future customers
  • Automating lead generation, so that you never miss a sales opportunity

Veera is responsible for marketing and communications at Vainu, and as such, sees herself as a digital storyteller. This is crucial for marketers today, as storytelling becomes increasingly important to captivate and engage audiences. Veera is passionate about combining sales and marketing, and exploring the possibilities to transform the way we sell by utilizing open data.


Jamie Brighton - Strategic Marketing Manager


To increase customer engagement and retention, many companies are aspiring to delivering superior cross-channel customer experiences. As Strategic Marketing Manager at Adobe, Jamie has observed that the companies succeeding in this are the ones who have evolved and effectively harnessed digital technologies. This process of transformation and reinvention is a journey that involves more than just technology - just as important are the people and processes required.

Jamie will talk with us about:

  • Adobe’s perspectives on digital marketing trends that drive the need for digital transformation
  • The key business topics such as data driven marketing, mobile and cross-channel marketing that must be mastered to deliver superior customer experiences
  • The digital transformation of Adobe and another leading brand, and the hard-won lessons that come with it

Jamie has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years, 10 of which he has spent with Adobe helping clients implement and adopt optimization, personalization and behavioural targeting. Jamie has acquired experience in the client, agency, and vendor-side areas, and has worked in EMEA and APAC regions. His current areas of focus include mobile optimization and the marketing cloud.


  • Next will feature 24 speakers from established marketing and technology companies
  • The island of Lonna, where the summit will be held, was used as a base for demagnetizing the hulls of ships to protect them against mines (2)
  • Lonna was only made accessible to the public in 2014 (2)


Ville Heijari - CMO of Games


Mobile gaming is one of the fastest moving and most exciting commodity markets today, and few companies in that field have achieved international recognition like Rovio. Ville Heijari, Rovio's CMO of Games, is just the guy to shed light on creating a successful digital product.

Ville will take us through:

  • What's behind the top-grossing games for mobile
  • 50 games in 30 minutes
  • What it takes to make or break a product in the modern freemium market

Prior to his current role at Rovio, Ville led the creation of a global marketing and brand platform while the company went through a rapid growth period, with the Angry Birds franchise expanding internationally and branching out to various businesses. Ville went on to work with mobile monetization at PlayHaven, Vungle, and the mobile games studio Two Men and a Dog, before returning to Rovio and assuming his current position as CMO. Ville has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, user experience and mobile applications and devices.

These are just a few of the 20+ speakers set to join us at Next. Other big names include Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Fiskars and Nissan. For the full list of speakers, head to the Next website - but if you want to guarantee your spot before our others readers snap up the last remaining tickets, click the button below. See you there.


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