Our growing team — Emma joins Luxus!

Luxus London

by Luxus London

When I left my job as a matchmaker to embark on a journey in UX design, I was excited by the prospect of starting a new career, immersing myself in the world of design and absorbing the knowledge of brilliantly creative minds. What I didn’t expect from my first week as a designer was daily meetings with colleagues, all in the comfort of my unicorn slippers. No, this isn’t a recount of an embarrassing dream, this is a description of my first week at Luxus during a global pandemic.

Emma Searle

I was quickly introduced to the concept of daily “stand-up” and soon learnt that this was the forum for my colleagues to give a quick overview of the work they were carrying out on each project. Honestly, the first stand-up meeting I attended was awash of abbreviations and project jargon that I hadn’t yet familiarised myself with, so it’s safe to say I had little knowledge of their progress. A few days later however I was able to "stand-up" myself and add my little achievements to the mix!

Throughout the week I had many virtual meetings with my fellow teammates. Everyone was so welcoming, and I immediately felt like I was part of the Luxus family. I was paired up with my design buddy, who is very supportive and checked in with me daily for tea and a catch-up to see how my day was going and ensuring I wasn’t getting stressed out!

By the end of the week I was given my first assignments to work on. I was firstly introduced to some exciting projects with 360° video and relished researching more about this. With a background in Psychology, I was fascinated by the effects that immersive experiences have on people and how they can be used to help people learn.

I was also given some graphic design work to get started on, which was my first opportunity to “get my hands dirty” with some design pieces. I must admit I did have a mini-panic when trying to find the correct guidelines for the project I was working on, but it soon became clearer with the help of my design team.

We finished off the week with a team quiz where my knowledge of food was put to the test. Luckily this is an area I am very familiar with! It was great to have a “social” catch-up with the team and I’m looking forward to the day we can do this in person. For now, meetings in my unicorn slippers will have to do.