Our growing team — Louise joins Luxus!

Louise Hill

by Louise Hill

Yes, as a Strategic Designer it’s my job to anticipate future trends but I’ll admit — starting a new role in a global pandemic is not something I had factored into my 2020. Luckily team quizzes, daily stand ups and friendly video chats mean I’m already feeling at home and getting stuck into exciting work. 

Louise joining Luxus

It’s the first day tale we can all relate to: wake up, get ready for work, butterflies in your stomach, walk to the room next door, power up your laptop, have a call with your COO on video chat and get settled in...no?   

Thankfully the empathetic team at Luxus had planned out my onboarding thoroughly, I knew exactly what to expect and I was introduced to new teammates, clients and processes in a way that was much less nerve-racking than I’d anticipated. 

As anyone who has ever met me will tell you, enthusiasm is not something I’m particularly lacking in. Getting to grips with the complex landscapes and technologies of Luxus’s client portfolio proved fascinating and I couldn’t wait to inject new insights and ideas into upcoming briefs.

By day three I was immersed in visual storytelling challenges—educating companies about IT security by matching up concepts with appropriate visuals, creating storyboards and collaborating with Creative Directors and Copywriters to get key messages across. 

Before I knew it, it was the end-of-week team video call: time to guess the correct song lyrics, untangle emoji cyphers and hear all about the upcoming remote summer party. I was still in a room, alone, over 100 miles away from Luxus’s leafy Chiswick HQ but I was transported into the lovely community of creatives spread across the globe.   

I’m looking forward to the day I get to walk into the office and share a cup of tea and a giggle with my colleagues. In the meantime, I am happily occupied by the interesting design challenges coming my way and grateful to have such a warm and welcoming team around me.