Sergio's First Week at Luxus

Sergio Cardozo

by Sergio Cardozo

I’ve had quite a few first days over the years, but I was never as excited or nervous as I was on my first day at Luxus. Something just felt different, maybe it was the fact that I woke up at 6 am or it's because I had never been part of a team of this size before with so many names to remember.  

The main reason was probably that I consider this job to be the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my career.  But what’s certain is that I enjoyed this week a lot and it’s precisely because of those challenges. Every single day I’m presented with learning opportunities and with every bug is a new experience to discover a different part of this huge application.  

sergio-cardozo Luxus

Even though I am currently working remotely from the opposite side of the world, sharing an environment with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures is always an invaluable experience. 

I must say it would have been even more intimidating had I not had a good old friend at the helm, smoothing the transition and the company setting me up for success at every step of the process. 

As I expected, the first day was intense. Fortunately, I started the day where the team has its weekly meeting, so I got to know most of my new colleagues. I was nervous, but I was also greatly surprised by how kind and welcoming the team were.  After meeting the team, I suffered through setting up my new local environment in Windows and getting to know the application.  Following some growing pains, I went straight into what I love: coding – which became the theme for the rest of the week, as there is always a bug waiting to be fixed.  

My luck continued as I got to participate in the Halloween events - everyone had awesome costumes, from singers and presidents to multiple minions! There was even bingo, which turned out to be much more fun than I anticipated. To close the week on a high note, I even won the main prize! Honestly, my first week couldn’t have gone better.  

I’ve been looking forward to this opportunity at Luxus for a long time. We’ve collaborated on many projects, some simpler than others and with very different tech stacks, but it was always a joy. So as soon as I knew about an open position, I just knew it had to be for me. Maybe it's too soon to say, but I feel right where I should be. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead with new challenges to come, and hopefully, they are as exciting as the first one.