Wanted: 3 Senior Developers

Rolf Sormo

by Rolf Sormo

We're making our awesome team awesomer.

We've got some great projects heading our way right now, and we need a few extra team-players to help make cool things happen. Developers, this is for you: three indisputably awesome reasons why you should apply to come and work with us.

The Projects

We know from experience that there isn't just one way to do things. We explore different angles, different approaches, and always keep an eye on new and emerging technologies to see what we can utilize. Our list of clients features some big international names for whom we serve as their lead digital agency, supporting both European and global operations. We're proud of the work we've done for these guys, and we want to keep that up.

The Team

Luxus has a truly international team, with people from all over the world and from different walks of life. While we're dedicated to getting things done, we're also our own community. Everyone has input, and everyone has a say - in our experience, this approach helps to create a fantastic work environment. Also, if Helsinki doesn't feel like a fit for you, talk to us - we have offices around the globe, so there may be relocation opportunities.

The Awesomeness

Sure, we work hard, but everyone needs to kick back once in a while. We're not just talking about the big summer and Christmas parties every year, but also about the smaller stuff: board games after work; sushi-eating lunch contests; Karaoke Fridays; Pancake Briefings (training sessions with pancakes); and having a few beers in the fridge.

Interested? Check out the details of the position here, or dive straight in and send us an application.