Why Luxus Drafthorse’s HTML5 templating is a game-changer

Luxus Helsinki

by Luxus Helsinki

The movement towards HTML5 as the industry standard for web based digital advertisement has been ongoing for years. In many ways, this shift has been paralleled by consumers moving from desktop to mobile. To meet this challenge, marketers need a unified technology to effectively market across device types. HTML5 banner ads make this possible, with better quality, sophisticated animations and most important – significantly reduced file sizes. Luxus Drafthorse is at the forefront of this development and aims to take full advantage of the possibilities HTML5 technologies provide for digital advertisers.


Invest in creative and optimization

With the introduction of HTML5 templating technology in Drafthorse, Luxus provides a powerful tool that presents many opportunities to the modern marketer. The key is scalability of design and asset production. Drafthorse allows the core template to automatically output in the dimensions needed. This enables easy and swift asset creation, in any size, bespoke to your specific needs.

In the past, different sizes of digital banner assets had to be created separately based on the core creative. The process went so that the size variations were defined first, then the core creative was produced, and finally the different banner sizes were made. With HTML5 templating in Drafthorse, you define the core creative first and then produce the needed assets afterwards. This allows you to spend more on core creative and less on asset production while giving you the flexibility to define your asset needs in the meantime, or later in the process. This is especially useful for bigger organizations and shortens lead time significantly.


Make edits across all your assets

Another feature of Drafthorse’s HTML5 template approach is that it allows the marketer to make edits in the main template and then output all the defined banner sizes needed. A change on one banner is reflected on all banner sizes. This bulk-edit feature allows for faster and easier implementation of localized copy, and it can be handled by the local markets through the Drafthorse web portal.

It also allows for subsequent text edits, which can be implemented across all the assets sizes needed. This encourages A/B testing of the copy and allows optimization without having to manually reproduce all the assets. This further allows for planned testing, a clear cost structure and a more efficient iterative methodology, all of which will drive your digital marketing to a new level.

For an enterprise level business, the HTML5 template approach lets the local branches create the assets themselves – implementing the translated copy and creative in all the banner sizes needed. In the past, the assets would need to be created for all sizes and all languages individually. Drafthorse automates this process and allows you to invest resources in optimization and creative instead.


A solution for the future

Luxus Drafthorse and its HTML5 template solution is the future of web based banner advertisement. With Drafthorse, you will be able to create better and more sophisticated banner ads with more engaging animations. Add in the scalability of the solution across asset sizes and local markets, and Drafthorse will clearly provide your business with a competitive advantage. And it will allow your organization to invest in better creative and better optimization, too. 


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