Write to be remembered


by Peter Cura

Published by: Luxus Worldwide
Your marketing is supposed to help your brand build its own special place in the minds of your customers and the words you use had better be interesting, convincing, and error free.

The common language of the internet is bad English. ROFL. #GrammarPolice. And it’s all very funny until your business wants people to hand over their cash. At that point the words you use had better be interesting, convincing, and error free. Typos and lolcatz won’t do. And business buzzwords won’t help you either. Your marketing is supposed to help your brand build its own special place in the minds of your customers. And using the same catchy phrases as every other business won’t do that, will it? So what’s to be done?


Be compelling

The first thing is to understand that in the digital world words are the most important asset you have. They help your customers navigate through the whole user-journey, from first interest to purchase to retention. They make every single piece of your marketing material searchable. No words: no search results. But there’s more to it than SEO. When a customer lands on your webpage, it can’t be boring. What you write has to interest them. You really have to provide a reason to continue reading.

There is a method to writing compelling copy. Among other things, it involves writing text with structure, pacing, and a hook – the little nagging question that pulls the reader along. You can’t just write a message and hope your customers care. If you tell them everything immediately, they’ll leave your pages within seconds. And the length of time people spend reading your pages does matter, because the longer they read the better they’ll remember your offering. It should be obvious that in a world of clickbait, clicks alone aren’t enough. 



  • 59% of people would avoid doing business with a company who made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.(1)
  • The time spent reading a page is as important as the click-through rate.(2)
  • Most people who click don’t read.(3)
  • The average reader spends 15 seconds on a page.(4)


Be interesting

There is another hurdle on the way to effective copy. The fact is that most companies end up writing for internal approval first and their customers last. That’s why buzzwords are so appealing – they’re easy for everyone to approve. But the result is text that’s safe for everyone and interesting to nobody. There is an obvious antidote to this, but it involves time, thought, money, and a professional copywriter. By paying for professional copywriting, your company can improve its credibility, customer engagement, and sales. And you get an outside opinion.

One last time: if you want your business to be remembered you need people to spend time reading your webpages. And that means that someone, somewhere has to spend time writing them. If this person isn’t you then we strongly recommend you use a copywriter. This is the point where we casually mention that Luxus has in-house copywriters and content specialists. Ready for effective copy? Then remember that Luxus can write it for you. Get in touch to find out more.



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