Automated marketing asset creation and management tool for marketers and agencies.

“Drafthorse has fundamentally changed our content creation strategy. We are now able to create and adapt marketing materials to local needs lightning fast while keeping the expenses under control.”

Jussi Wacklin, Senior Director of Global Marketing at EMC in Forbes Publish or Perish report


Keep your brand consistent

Delivering a unified brand message in the integrated media landscape, cross-market and cross-culture is the key to global marketing success. Drafthorse helps brand owners set the rules by which brand users play. Always keeping your assets on brand.


Get to market faster

Master assets become available for adaptation as soon as the original creative has been approved. This helps you make better use of your designer talents' time.

Lightning fast time to market
Cut asset creation costs

Cut asset creation costs

Adapting to multiple markets and creating content for all channels is time-consuming, which translates as increased production costs. Drafthorse revolutionizes the traditional production process by eliminating graphic production and significantly cutting your price per asset.

Higher user satisfaction

Higher user satisfaction

Proven track record of increased user satisfaction. Your employees and partners will appreciate the intuitive UI and single login for all their marketing needs.

Better brand transparency

Better brand transparency

Drafthorse's extensive reporting offers the brand owner real-time visibility of asset creation all over the world.

Learning what works

Learning what works

For the first time, brand owners get access to comprehensive statistics on which assets perform well and which do not.


Drafthorse streamlines the workflows from original creative asset creation to global distribution, and from localization to creative variant adaptation. This is achieved by solving known pain points and automating repetitive tasks.

Drafthorse Workflow Phase 1

Template Design

Designers can use their preferred graphic design software to create the assets and upload them directly to Drafthorse.

Brand Control

Brand owners can set the business logic with Drafthorse's built-in rules engine.

Asset Production

Users can quickly and easily create as many marketing assets as they like without additional direct costs.

Publishing & Delivery

Final assets are delivered to media and printing houses in their required formats.



Drafthorse has all the elements you need to create, manage and publish your marketing assets, wherever and whenever you need them.


Create with the tools you know

Source assets can be created with the software your designers know and love. They can use InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Edge Reflow, or an HTML5 content creation tool, among others. No need to learn new software, tools or apps.


Flexible templating engine

Drafthorse's flexible templating engine enables the localization and adaptation of all assets. The templating engine enforces all defined business rules. It supports master and child templates with inheritance, cross-format sub-templating, multiple parameter types, and more.


Streamlined UX

The modern user interface makes Drafthorse approachable and easy to use. A single process allows the user to create assets to any media.


Organization hierarchy

Import your organizational and collaborator hierarchy, and access rights will be managed accordingly. Drafthorse adapts to any organizational structure.


Localization understood

Pick any language – Drafthorse supports it. Left to right, right to left, up or down. Both the UI and the assets work in any language.


Prepress process

Drafthorse offers all the tools for fine-tuning your print assets. Choose the ICC profiles, set bleeds, color bars and more for your high-quality print (PDF) file.

Digital output

With Drafthorse you can produce a variety of digital assets including banners and emails in HTML5, JPEGs, and even Flash.


Custom fonts

Drafthorse allows you to use your brand typography. No need to settle for web-safe fonts, not even for email.
Asset management

Asset management

Drafthorse comes with a buit-in Digital Asset Management system. If you already have a DAM solution, such as Experience Manager, Drafthorse can be plugged right into it.



See how different users deploy the tool, and how each asset is performing. Drafthorse comes with built-in reporting and integrates with your current analytics solution.

Drag-and-drop Upload

Save your source assets and drop them into the background upload queue. Assets become globally available in an instant.


State of the art rendering

Drafthorse uses Adobe's superior text and graphics rendering capabilities.

Built-in webstore

Drafthorse integrates with your logistics partner to distribute your physical marketing collateral. Not everything is digital; your t-shirts, pencils, tents and roll-ups need a place too.

Business Logic

Apply your business logic to all assets by using Drafthorse's tag-based rules engine. It sets the validity and availability of your assets and takes care of the tiny devilish details to avoid clutter and display only what is relevant.


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