Leading marketers are leveraging technology

Read the Forbes Publish or Perish report to learn how Drafthorse can streamline your business.

Drafthorse can help companies reduce the cost of personalizing, versioning and localizing marketing content by over 50%. Don’t just take our word for it - read what Forbes has to say on the topic. Download the executive briefing of Forbes Publish or Perish report for free.

The Forbes report outlines the keys to reengineering, systematizing and automating marketing content operations and establishing a scalable enterprise publishing process.  - Find out how leading marketers are leveraging technology to reduce the cost and complexity of their content operations

Forbes identifies managing, distributing, and optimizing content as a critical issue to driving top-line growth - and offers an in-depth analysis of best practices to educate CMOs.

“Over 90%of CMOs agree that their organizations must develop a publishing function in order to execute their growth agenda and manage the rising cost and complexity of content operations.”

“Of the marketing executives surveyed, 96% agree that effective marketing content is essential to achieving their growth goals and increasingly defines the job of the chief marketing officer (CMO).”

The executive briefing includes key findings from the indepth best practices analysis and is on point in helping marketing executives lead the transformation of their organizations from advertising to a publishing model.


Find out what are the steps CMOs need to take to simplify, streamline and automate their publishing process. Share your information with us and get the executive briefing for free.


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