Building interest, inspiring action

Nurturing EMEA’s least digitally engaged businesses to drive cloud adoption.


It is in projects like this where you come to realize what makes a good partner. You've been amazing in supporting us all the way through with great deliverables and process inputs. A big thank you from the entire AWS team.



A highly disparate audience with one thing in common

Businesses at major risk of disruption

AWS had observed that cloud adoption was extremely low among small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) across EMEA.

The story coming back from their people in the field was that IT modernisation isn’t seen as an immediate priority – it’s 5 or 6 on boards’ to-do lists rather than 1 or 2.

However, these businesses are also among the most vulnerable to disruption from new digital competitors.

With this in mind, AWS asked us to create a marketing strategy to push cloud migration up SMB decision makers’ agendas and, ultimately, drive sales.



A comprehensive programme of phased nurture communications

Playing the long game

A review of the communications landscape clearly showed why our target audience wasn’t engaging with IT modernisation. Quite simply, no one was talking to them about it.

With most marketing in this space aimed either at enterprises or digital-first start-ups, no-one was making the case that cloud technology has much to offer traditional business.

Clearly, there wasn’t going to be a quick fix to this information deficit. So we developed a strategic marketing proposal based on long term nurture activity to move prospects through three stages of engagement: create urgency, build understanding and inspire action.



A rich and engaging programme of high quality communications and engagement tools

Talking business, not technology

We’d found that conventional IT marketing didn’t connect with our audience because it was only relevant to prospects who are already in-market.

To counter this, we created a communication programme that looks at digital disruption and IT modernisation from a business administration point of view.

From interactive tools showing how IT can help overcome perennial business problems to engaging webinars and infographics, the nurture programme takes decision makers on a journey from interest to understanding to action.

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