A new recipe for marketing success

Luxus helped Boston’s Burgers reignite their marketing strategy across digital and traditional channels.



Boston’s need to modernise their marketing

We helped Boston’s Burgers reignite their marketing strategy, adopting a mobile-first approach and renewing the company’s digital presence.

Our key focus was to increase customer engagement and MROI. This had been underperforming due to a lack of direction and neglected digital activities.




Our first step was to create a clearly defined marketing strategy underpinned by market research and analysis. We developed a detailed customer journey map, outlining how we intended to foster interest and engagement at every stage of the marketing and sales process.

We then set about renewing all of Boston’s digital platforms following a mobile-first approach. This included reviving neglected social channels as well as implementing a refreshed content strategy and the use of targeted displays.

We also refreshed marketing activities on traditional channels with brand-consistent POS materials, as well as print, video and radio ads.



Reaching more customers than ever before

Our efforts culminated in our first integrated multichannel campaign: the launch of the Pizzaburger (we know, pretty cool right?).

Overall, the results were nothing short of astounding. Burger category sales saw an immediate increase of 87%, while social engagement on Twitter and Facebook grew by 68%. The campaign reached 5.7 million people and led to a total of 14,000 engagements. Ultimately, Luxus were able to reduce Boston’s total cost per engagement to just $0.39.

Why Luxus

Strategic planning

Luxus helped Boston’s map every element of their marketing activities and reduce their cost-per engagement to just $0.39.

Cross-channel marketing

Our experienced team helped Boston’s reach millions of new customers by taking advantage of both digital and traditional channels.

Collaborative approach

Luxus worked as an extension of Boston’s inhouse team in direct collaboration with the company’s VP of Marketing.

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