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leading IT brands combined to create Dell Technologies


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Social Impact Site, Newsroom and Recycling Tool

Simplifying Storytelling

When seven leading IT brands combined to create Dell Technologies, they faced the challenge of rationalizing a huge corporate social responsibility (CSR) site, merging three newsrooms and creating one point of access to complex global recycling services.

This huge task demanded bulletproof design processes, a surgical editorial eye and a deep understanding of technical environments.



How we get where we need to be

Identifying the issues

Great work starts with great insights, so we began with a rapid audit, analysis and workshop process. This identified three key issues:

The existing CSR site had a complicated user experience, unintuitive structure, thousands of pages and no single narrative thread.

Complicated newsroom infrastructures were severely reducing PR effectiveness.

Recycling services were hidden amongst other content and hard to access.

Resolving these issues meant reconciling different visual identities, messaging architectures and technical challenges to deliver a great user experience that could be localised efficiently and rolled out globally.


Making it simple

Our Solutions

Dell’s hundreds of pages of CSR content had accumulated over many years. Not surprisingly, there were navigation challenges, page duplications and redundant information.

Our first step was to create a simple, logical taxonomy and information architecture. Working closely with the content owners, we then streamlined the content down to around 100 pages.

Next, content creation skills came to the fore as we condensed thousands of words into simple, compelling stories. Working alongside Dell Technologies’ Director of Content, we created message and tone of voice conventions to ensure the brand personality shines through on every page.

Newsroom transformation

Dell Technologies had three newsroom ecosystems serving over 75 markets. These required releases to go through a clearing house process and severely hindered local teams’ ability to deliver timely PR support.

Working closely with the client’s CMS team, our developers transformed newsrooms operations by empowering individual country teams to post content. This maximises autonomy and marketing efficiency, accelerating writing-to-release time and delivering a far better user experience.

We also devised the logic and strategy to automate newsroom migration. This removed the need to manually reformat and tag thousands of releases.

Recycling transformation

Dell Technologies is a global sustainability leader, with a wide range of recycling sevices in over 75 countries and territories. But access to these was spread amongst other content, across a range of pages.

Our UX team re-engineered the whole process, creating a simple, future-proof tool that finds users the recycling option they need in just four clicks. The tool is dynamically populated with the appropriate options, creating a quick, easy experience for both businesses and consumers.

We also built the recycling tool to be easily maintained and scaled by the Dell Technologies team, future-proofing our solution so that the issues they faced wouldn’t return.

Why Luxus


From thousands of pages of disparate content to concise single-minded narratives, we brought clarity and simplicity to Dell Technologies Social Impact narratives.


Putting user needs front and centre allowed us to bring clarity and focus to the migration process. The result is concise, compelling and aligned with Dell Technologies brand values.


By reimagining Dell Technologies’ newsroom and recycling services, we delivered dramatically better service experiences.

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