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Sharpening focus at the edge

Creating highly targeted integrated campaigns for diverse vertical markets



From retail to telecoms, no two edge computing markets are the same

Why talk to them with one-size-fits-all marketing?

Dell Technologies edge computing and Internet of Things solutions help businesses transform and overcome their biggest operational challenges with data.

However, those challenges vary hugely from sector to sector. So what’s game-changing in retail may not even be on the radar for a healthcare provider or mobile network.The easy way to market this multi-faceted offering would be to focus on generic product and service benefits. But that would miss the chance to inspire potential customers with a vision of the future of their industry, and Dell’s passion to help them achieve it.


Finding inspiring stories

Bringing edge and IoT to life with vertical marketing

Working closely with Dell Technologies CTOs and Field Directors, we uncovered the key issues for their customers in each industry sector. Based on these insights, we developed bespoke propositions and communication strategies for each vertical, showing how Dell Technologies products and services meet that industry’s specific needs.

A vital step in this process was translating often highly technical internal Dell documentation into benefit-led messaging for non-technical business decision makers.


Influencing customers, enabling sales

Having built a compelling sales story for each sector, we then build communications tools to put that story in front of the right prospects at the right time. To do this, we develop three broad streams of creative work:

Public-facing communications

Public-facing communications like videos and webinars to inspire and educate potential customers. Creating high quality video content for vertical markets is often seen as challenging, as budgets rarely stretch to location shoots. Careful scripting, intelligent use of stock footage and excellent graphics capabilities enable us to turn the challenge into creative opportunity.

Sales enablement assets

Sales enablement assets like infographics and presentations that align marketing and sales messaging on powerful stories built around customer needs. Creating these assets requires strong technical editing skills, along with the ability to turn complex product-focused messaging into simple benefit-led copy and design.

Always-on social

We maintain a calendar of activity that balances horizontal and vertical edge and IoT messaging across LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Creative work includes image sourcing, illustration, copywriting and short-form video production. We also provide monthly reports, and frequently analyse performance to adapt our activity and recommend future content.

Why Luxus

Sales enablement

The sales process doesn’t have to be a painful process. We’re comfortable working on the cutting edge with emergent technologies to help sales teams perform better.

Storytelling prowess

Our content and creative teams possess a wealth of experience working in different media for different audiences. Developing and sharing compelling stories is in our DNA.

Technical expertise

We’re always investing in our in-house technical competencies. So when emergent technologies like virtual reality can give our a clients a competitive edge, we’re here to make it happen.

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