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Building emotional engagement with technology

There’s no shortage of information in information technology marketing. White papers, research studies and detailed technical product documentation abound.

These do a great job of making the rational case for digital transformation. But we wanted to do more. We wanted to inspire leaders by enabling them to experience at first hand the possibilities that partnering with Dell Technologies could bring their organisations.


Immersive experiences that bring the digital future to life

From workforce transformation and IT modernisation to cyber security and data solutions, Dell Technologies has big stories to tell. So to help their salespeople show customers at first-hand what their digital future could look like, we created an innovative ecosystem of physical and virtual experiences.

Experience Centre

Work is no longer a place. It’s an activity. Digitally transformed workforces are free to work wherever and whenever they need to. The Dell Technologies Workforce Transformation Experience Centre shows that freedom in action.

Customers receive guided tours around multiple zones reflecting a range of working environments – including a highly realistic train carriage, medical laboratory and field research outpost. Each zone demonstrates real-world applications of the innovative technologies enabling workforce transformation.

Luxus played a major role in creating the centre, handling much of the build and logistical work as well as promoting it through internal marketing to Dell sales teams across Europe.

We also developed content for the tours and, to ensure the experience is always delivered effectively, we provided a dedicated tour host and guide.

VR Experience

The Customer Experience Centre at Dell Technologies’ Brentford UK office proved to be a powerful tool to bring the possibilities of workforce transformation to life and help Dell salespeople make more and better sales. But it still relied on customers attending a physical location.

The logical next step was to create a virtual version of the experience that users could explore wherever and whenever they wanted. To achieve this we shot a 360 video of the experience centre tour, specially scripted so that users can interact with our virtual tour guide and explore the topics which interest them most.

The VR app also enabled us to take the physical experience on the road. Here it became a very popular customer engagement tool at both Dell Technologies regional forums and more targeted customer events across EMEA, from France to Saudi Arabia.

VR Hotspot TV
VR Avatar Lee
VR Avatar Dean

Igloo 360 Experience

From vertical farms using 95% less water than traditional agriculture to building the technological foundations for tomorrow’s sustainable digital cities, Dell Technologies has amazing stories to tell.

The Igloo installation allows us to tell them in dramatic 360 video. It creates a huge talking point. And it also gives Dell Technologies unique opportunities to create interactive, personalized onboarding and knowledge transfer experiences on site.

Creating content for the inspiring 21m Igloo space was a complex challenge. From initial concepting and research to film editing, animation, composition, sfx and the final renders, our team completed the entire process in house.

A particular challenge was that, for the first phase of the project, timings and budget didn't allow us to shoot 360 footage. To get around this limitation, and make best use of the space, we created a series of inspiring CGI animations.

Since completing the Igloo content production and installation at Dell Technologies' West London offices, we have developed bespoke content for similar events across the world.

Why Luxus

Sales enablement

The sales process doesn’t have to be a painful process. We’re comfortable working on the cutting edge with emergent technologies to help sales teams perform better.

Storytelling prowess

Our content and creative teams possess a wealth of experience working in different media for different audiences. Developing and sharing compelling stories is in our DNA.

Technical expertise

We’re always investing in our in-house technical competencies. So when emergent technologies like virtual reality can give our a clients a competitive edge, we’re here to make it happen.

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